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Manta & Ray

Manta & Ray

"Manta & Ray" is a symbolic experimental tale wich narrates a path of spiritual fulfillment.

It begins by placing us in an area of ​​high mountains that seem to tear themselves apart as if breaking their outer layers and trying to raise their interior, their hearts, to heavenly heights.

In the distance in an ancestral temple rests the King Astro. Symbol of the creative principle, God in all cultures throughout the world.

"Gold is the Image of the Sun, and the Sun is the image of God" - Syrgenus

In the same scene, a volcano expels clouds of sulfur. "Alchemical sulfur." Sulfur, which is double nature.

The white sulfur, vital essence, the divine spark that vivifies the Soul, the "latent divinity", as St. Thomas Aquinas called him. It is the hidden potential of the "Inner God". The Philosopher's Stone that must be manifested in a potential way, in all its fullness (pleroma).

On the other hand, the impure sulfur, red sulfur, is the ignis gehennalis - the fire of hell - that lies at the center of matter. On the psychic level, it is the ego, the imperfect construction of the personality. But of course the ego is not bad at all, "Even in the darkness the Light shines", and the achievement of purifying the impure sulfur is to have discovered this light and to have manifested it.

Then, the white sulfur is the purified red sulfur, at the end of the Great Work of realization, when the ego becomes the faithful servant (perfect image) of the "I Am". The spark of fire will finally find itself in the Great Fire, and the drop of water will recognize itself in the ocean. The being will be recognized as the BEING.


The Pythagoreans see in it, when cutting it horizontally, the pentacle, key of the Superior Science, because it opens the secret of the knowledge of good and evil.


Who eats of rotten knowledge (false prophets) is devoured by the forces of duality symbolized by the little red demon in the short film. But it is that demon himself who flees from the true seeker of truth.


It is the reason, that seeker of truth who understands the action-effect relationship.

It is passion or instinctive animal forces.

The path of realization reason must overcome passion. Such is the symbol of the "Knight". Man ruling his animal instinct.


The consciousness of the activity in two inverse currents or senses, the pairs of opposites that observe everywhere in the phenomenal or external world as in the psychological or inner experience. The eternal conflict, which seems to build the very essence of life. Good and evil, beauty and ugliness, life and death, fortune and misfortune, truth and error, vice and virtue, and so many other pairs of opposites that dominate the relative world, each one of them only in relation to the other. In the end they must end up dissolving all in the diaphanous perfection of the absolute.


Ray bears the symbol of an octagon in his clothes.
From a symbolic point of view, the octagon represents the link between the square and the curvature of the sphere. In the sacred sciences applied to art, the square was related to the Earth by its four elements, or its four cardinal points. The circular form, by its perfection, without edges, and at the same time by its sense of the all-encompassing globality, referred to heaven, to divine reality. The octagon is, therefore, the bridge that resolved the union between Heaven and Earth

The octagon, is the synthesis of the path to universal spiritual realization.


Ray embarks on the journey of venturing into the unknown and terrifying depths of psychic life, of the experiences of life, in the hope of a return to the surface with a greater integration of all aspects towards the search for a symbolic resurrection, the worthy culmination of the most transcendent heroic journey of all: that of his own life.


The mind is consolidated in possession, it is what it possesses, whether they are external elements or the same identification with the body, so the dual ego and the concept of mine are firmly linked. Ray begins to confuse the demons of duality by getting rid of his clothes, his external appearance there symbolically begins his purification of the concepts of me and mine.

"Just as the pearl fisherman ties a stone to his waist and sinks to the bottom of the sea to pick up the pearls, each one of us must arm himself with detachment, dive into himself and obtain the pearl of the pearl. Itself". -Ramana Maharshi-

Symbol of a decision that promotes a profound change and of which there is no return.


The representation of evil, a monster that terrifies us and that, with its fire, is capable of killing us. Being the spiritual realization a way that consists in destroying the concept that sustains us as individuals, that fire that appears terrifying to the ego, will be precisely the purifying element that will finally reveal our true identity. We renounce to advance because we do not face our own death as beings separated from the Divine Unity.
"But the soul of the hero advances bravely and discovers that the witches become Goddesses and the dragons in guardians of the Gods" -Hero Journey, J.Campbell



Ray detached from the bonds of the self and penetrates the unconditioned reaching a state of indescribable bliss.



As a symbol that unites two different aspects of being, it is the possibility of moving towards a different state of consciousness.

In Antiquity, the act of "building a bridge" was so important that it required an exceptional being: the "Pontifex" (in Latin "bridge builder" / priest), who is the one who establishes the connection with the "other" shore ", leads the wandering souls in their search for Eternity and men (through precise and secret" rites of passage ") to the other side.

Ray finally understands the fiery attraction of universal love surrendering completely to the union with the Self and is devoured by the creative principle, God THE SUNSHINE. His last thought is: "I am you" that is the exact moment in which he stops "being such" to simply "BE"


"The scriptures declare" see the Self "," See God ". It is not easy to understand these ideas. Since the Self is One, it can not be seen. How can One see God? Only by becoming food for Him."
-Ramana Maharshi-



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